Air Conditioning Systems

Havaalanları ve İstasyonlar

Airports and Stations

Every year millions of passengers travel airports and stations all over the world. This buildings need a strong air conditioning system able to ensure an high comfort...

Sinema Tiyatro ve Müzeler

Cinemas, Theaters and Museums

The precise control of thermo-hygrometric parameters needed to create the perfect atmosphere is a difficult job that requires experience and reliability....

Veri Merkezleri

Data Centers

The limited budget and high costs of electricity force IT operators to seek more efficient solutions and at the same time able to ensure a high reliability....

Fuar Alanları

Trade Areas

Ulker offers solutions characterized by high versatility and reliability, they are suitable for big buildings, such as fair centers. All products are designed for...



Considering the special needs of environmental comfort in hospitals, air conditioning systems must meet specific technical and functional requirements, including ...

Otel ve Restoranlar

Hotels and Restaurants

The comfort of our guests is a key element during their stay, or during a dinner, and to ensure a high degree of environmental well-being should be the main targets...

Eğlence ve Spor Merkezleri

Leisure and Sport Centers

Create a comfortable environment for sport and leisure time is a difficult job, that requires precise control of thermo-hygrometric parameters to ensure guests an high and ....



Maximum efficiency and operation of human resources in a working environment today becomes indispensable....

Kamu Binaları ve Okullar

Public Buildings and Schools

Ulker offers solutions characterized by high versatility and reliability, they are suitable for all types of public buildings, such as schools, universities, government agencies...

Yerleşim Yeri


Today the focus on the family budget is increasingly, with the constantly rising cost of energy, as well as respect for the environment....

Alışveriş Merkezi

Shopping Center

Today’s consumers want to spend their time dedicated to shopping in a comfortable enviroment and this kind of atmosphere not only brings people into...